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What Makes Us Different

Community & Team

We are not like the big gyms at all. Everyone who joins this place is not part of a gym, but a community a team. We believe here that a friendly welcoming atmosphere is so important to our member's success that is why from day one you will be part of the team.

Fun & Supportive

We are with you every step of the way, our goal here is to coach you, support you and motivate you giving you the best chance to succeed. Plus having some fun along the way to health & fitness can and should be fun & that is what we do here.


So many people are struggling to get results, following strict diets, that ban food, gruelling exercise regimes that leave you feeling tired. Here we have a created simple yet very effective system that has been proven to get amazing results.

Your Plan for Success

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Jump on a quick call with one of the team. Here we can discuss your goals and explain how we can help you get to where you want to be.

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Our 4-week trial Project Shape is the perfect chance for you to kick start your fitness journey.

Follow the Plan of Action

When you follow our simple fitness and nutrition system, you will see your body changing, the scales moving, you will be more toned and feel more confident.

Results & Fun

Our goal here is not just short term results, but we will coach and support you to make exercise & a healthy sustainable approach to nutrition part of your lifestyle with plenty of fun along the way.

Here’s What Others Have to Say

The Most Confident I Have Ever Felt

Busy Mum of 2 Corinna has been on an amazing journey. Feeling lost and short on confidence when she joined here, she is now 2 stone lighter and more importantly, feeling amazing and full of confidence again.


Life Changing! Theo Drops an Incredible 116lbs

Theo's weight loss transformation has been amazing and inspirational. Wanted to make a positive change in here life Theo joined The Results Academy and has said how important the support and community played a role in here incredible results.


The Best Shape I Have Ever Been In

Victoria has left behind the fad diet once and for all. Before joining here Victoria tried several fad diets, not really getting anywhere. She has followed our simple nutrition system and is now 52lbs lighter and the strongest & fittest she has ever been.


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How Results Academy Can Help You

Most women feel they have to follow boring diets and spend every day in the gym to lose weight. So we created a simple, yet effective exercise and nutrition system, that allows you to enjoy the foods you love, enjoy exercise and gets you into the best shape of your life.

It does NOT have to be like this, you do not have to follow a diet that is based on banning foods & boring "weight loss" shakes.

You DO NOT have to spend every day in the gym doing gruelling exercise regimes, that you feel you have to do and all they really do is make you tired and you cannot see any real progress.

We saw so many women struggling to get the results they want, thinking they have to follow strict diets and extreme exercise regimes, so we did something about it and have helped countless women get into the best shape of their life.

We created a simple effective and fun exercise and nutrition system that works, which allows you to see amazing results.

  • Losing weight & seeing those lbs drop
  • Toning up & seeing your body shape change... Goodbye bingo wings for good
  • Improve your confidence so that you feel amazing in your favourite dress
  • Increase your fitness and strength so you feel amazing and full of energy

Start Seeing Amazing Results and Book in for Your Free Coaching Call