The Results Academy Will Help You Ditch the Fad Diets, Get Fitter, Stronger & Healthier, Drop Weight & Keep the Weight Off!

Do you struggle with losing weight, despite trying every single diet out there, but your not seeing the results you want?

Do you struggle to find the time to exercise with a stressful job and every minute of your attention seems to go to the kids?

The Results Academy was founded with one mission in mind, to help you get into the best shape of your life without having to sacrifice everything, without having to ban all your favourite foods or to go to a birthday party and feel guilty to have a piece of cake. Without having to go to the gym every day, do gruelling exercise regimes where it just becomes a chore and something you feel like you have to do.

  • We specialise in helping busy women between the ages of 30-55 get into the best shape of their life
  • Help them drop weight in a healthy sustainable way
  • Help them tone up, so they feel confident in their own skin
  • Help them drop dress sizes so when they go clothes shopping with their friends, they are excited trying new clothes on
  • Helping them to improve their mood and feel full of energy again
  • Helping them to improve their confidence and get their mojo back again!

Our Proven Simple Effective System Can Help You Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Here we specialise in small group personal training which means that you get to exercise in small groups of 4 people.

Getting to train with women similar to yourself with the same goals as you, creates an amazing, supportive team atmosphere.

We support you every step of the way with a wealth of simple easy to use nutrition and dieting resources that work in the real world.

These resources have been proven to work, not to mention they work in the real world and have been designed to take all the confusion and guesswork out of dieting and nutrition.

Our simple effective exercise and nutrition blueprint has helped countless women get into amazing shape and with a group of motivated coaches behind you every step of the way we will help keep you motivated, help you keep seeing results while having fun along the way too.

The Results Academy was founded by Joe & Simon Passey, brothers who share a passion for health, fitness, exercise and nutrition and the positive effect it can have on peoples lives. Between us, we have 18 years experience in the health and fitness industry working in many different roles.

One of those roles was working in many different commercial gyms and big gyms and one thing that always frustrated us was the emphasises was never really on the members or their goals. Going the extra mile to ensure that the members are getting the best possible service and seeing the results they want. The emphasis was always on the sales sheet, what the sales target was and members just became another name on a sales spreadsheet.

We would see members come in for personal training, 1 hour a week and then that's it done away they go, come back next week or as we call it the personal trainer conveyor belt. Seeing any sort of results or progress with this way is basically impossible.

Our main motivation and mission is to change the landscape when it comes to personal training. With the Results Academy, we have created a service that goes above and beyond in every aspect ensuring our members are always our number one priority and we are doing everything we can to help them see the results they want.

Also to ensure we are creating a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere here, because let's be honest the fitness industry takes itself far too seriously, here there are no egos and everyone is part of the same team.

How We Will Help You Succeed and See Amazing Results

  • Simple & Effective 
  • Join a supportive team
  • Make friends
  • Exercise with like-minded people
  • We take all the guesswork out of exercise and nutrition
  • Saving you time and money 
  • Exercise in a private facility

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The Most Confident I Have Ever Felt

Busy Mum of 2 Corinna has been on an amazing journey. Feeling lost and short on confidence when she joined here, she is now 2 stone lighter and more importantly, feeling amazing and full of confidence again.


Life Changing! Theo Drops an Incredible 116lbs

Theo weight loss transformation has been amazing and inspirational. Wanted to make a positive change in here life Theo joined The Results Academy and has said how important the support and community played a role in here incredible results.


The Best Shape I Have Ever Been In

Victoria has left behind the fad diet once and for all. Before joining here Victoria tried several fad diets, not really getting anywhere. She has followed our simple nutrition system and is now 52lbs lighter and the strongest & fittest she has ever been.


Start Seeing Amazing Results and Book in for Your Free Coaching Call